You already have your design ready and you are looking for ways to quickly create your 3D model?

We produce models and shapes individual, precise and fast and at an attractive price.


Your Time Saving

Our processing can save up to 80% time compared to traditional wooden constructions. Therefore your models are ready in a few days or weeks. This reduces the whole process time.When fast delivery is very important, we can handle four pieces on our machines at any time.


Your Quality Advantage: high precision and smooth, non-porous surfaces

Even a modern process can only be as accurate as each of the single components. Therefore we are always looking for materials, equipment and machines with consistent high quality.All our relevant suppliers are known as market leaders in their specific segments. All of these suppliers are only a few hours away and located in Germany. This guarantees quick support from our suppliers when spare parts and services are needed in those unsual cases of unplanned downtime.


Our Result

Homogenous and smooth surfaces with a constant shore-hardness, machined to a tolerance of +- 0.4 mm at 10,000 mm. The size will be according to your wishes (up to 30,000 mm by 6,000 mm by 3,000 mm). If it has to be even larger we will produce it in pieces which will be assembled afterwards.


Environmental Friendliness

By using the latest techniques for application and preparation of our modelling pastes we avoid solvents or spray mist. That is not only pleasing for our employees, but also for the environment. Our milling waste contains low dust levels and can be dispoded as household waste.



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Modellbau Nachtigall GmbH
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46414 Rhede





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