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By using our new FARO Edge Scan Arm we have created the possibility to contactless and tactile measure your products.

High-precision 3D-measurement of more complicated parts and duplicating surfaces with an extremely high detailed resolution are now achievable. Measuring of large parts is also possible beacause the arm is displaceable.

The measurement values captured by the FARO arm can be compared with CAD data, so we can quickly detect deviations between the part and the data. With the aid of the scan attachment, we can scan complex forms, soft and deformable forms, hard to reach areas and we can check specific details, surfaces and cross sections. The scanning also offers the possibility of reverse engineering. This means that products of customers without CAD-dates are scanned, digitizing and edited to CAD-models.

Due to the FARO arms flexible deployment, our trained employees have the opportunity to perform measurements on location, at your company.

Technical data of the FARO Edge Scan Arm :



±25 µm


25 µm, 2  σ


115 mm

Depth of field

115 mm

Effective scannig width

Near field 80 mm

Remote field 150 mm

Dots per strip

2.000 dots/strip

Measuring frequency

280 images/Sec. x

2,000 dots/strip

= 560,000 dots/Sec.


Class 2M

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